Two truths and a lie: Const: OK I’ll start: My mum’s from LA. I play badminton. I have eaten ants James: I’d say ants Bronson: Yeah, that’s what I think two. You guys there Const: That’s right James: OK. I once stole a glasses bag from a store I have a tradition of stealing candy […]

Bronson: Umm, Okay. Two truths and a lie. First one, I’m ambidextrous, second one… Const: What does ambidextrous mean? Bronson: It means I can wright with both hands and do act… things with both hands. Number two, I have a cat called Mojo. Number three, I have lived in Wanaka almost my whole life Const: […]

Hesitation indicates that the speaker may not be paying full attention or may be unprepared, possibly also uncertain. Hesitation and therefore uncertainty is indicated by language fillers such as “sooo” “er” “ahhh” and “ummmm” This makes it much easier to lie in an online text conversation in which Paralinguistic features such as gestures and intonation do […]

Const: Ohh Nah mate, Arsenals gonna get smashed by Bayern, so bad its going to be horrible for Arsenal. James: Nah mate ah nah mate. your wrong Arsenal will turn up. and er well. Well actually Bayern and Arsenal do have an equal chance hauhehmeh Bayern have a sh… much better team. Const: Bayern have Alaba, who is the best left-back in the world. James: yes the um.. the match is really going to be decided on the, like the […]